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Even with the experience we had, it was difficult to get traditional funding as a start up. We do a wide range of environmental health and safety consulting. Sky’s help with cash flow allowed us to grow much faster than we might have. They are professional and meticulous- we can trust them to honor our relationship with our clients and fund us quickly when we need it. They have contributed immensely to our success. This goes beyond a working relationship. I consider Sky a friend to us.

Mike Tabbara, Tabbara Corporation, California

Sky has eliminated the cash flow bottleneck that restricted my ability to grow. Now I can take on as much business as I can possibly sell. I call Sky my ‘Bridge to Success’.

As an importer sourcing dinnerware and accessories for the Midwest market, my customers’ demand for new designs is seasonal and challenging. Paying factories and then waiting to be paid was limiting the amount of business I could do. With funding from Sky, I am no longer restricted by the amount of working capital I have available. Factories know they’ll be paid in full and on time, so they’re more willing to negotiate more advantageous prices and terms with me. Best of all, it’s eliminated stress and given me real peace of mind.

David Connell, Canterbury Potteries, Ltd , Missouri

We have a 100% customer service rating in our industry. Yet there would be days when we wouldn’t know how we were going to fuel our trucks. Funding with Sky Business Credit has kept us our business on the road. We deliver cars throughout the Midwest, operating two car haulers and we are adding a third. The cost of fuel and maintenance keeps rising, but we still have to pay our employees and make our deliveries. Waiting for customers to pay made it hard to manage our overhead. Sky has been patient, responsive, accommodating and efficient. We couldn’t have found anyone easier to work with. We cannot praise them enough, Sky Business Credit is awesome!

Ted and Jo Ann Howard, Professional Services, Ohio

We provide home-care for self-pay and low –income seniors and children with disabilities. These people really need us. But it got to the point that we were afraid to accept any more clients for fear we couldn’t make the payroll. Sky took a huge weight off our shoulders!

Masha Maksimova Best In Home Services, Illinois

Because we are committed to setting up care for our clients really quickly, we are getting more and more referrals. We wait for reimbursement from the State for up to 90 days, but we still need to pay our care-givers every two weeks. As a start-up, we couldn’t get traditional funding. Sky Business Credit gave us the opportunity to grow. It feels amazing to be able to help our clients and their families without worry!

David Connell, Canterbury Potteries, Missouri

Our trucking /brokerage business runs four trucks using $8,000 in fuel each, every week. When you’re weeks out from getting paid, it can tie up tons of cash in fuel, drivers and maintenance. Factoring with Sky has helped us big time.

Ken Rosenkrans, KTS Brokerage, Illinois

We want to take advantage of every load we can deliver. Sky has given us the weekly cash flow we count on to keep operating. They’re there for everything I need. I’ve worked with other factors, but Sky blows them out of the water- they’re easy to work with and they do what they say they’ll do. They are the best!