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Increase your profits

If you had access to more immediate cash, could you increase your sales?  If the answer is “YES”, then we can help you increase your profits substantially.  The following example shows how you can double your sales immediately with our funding:

 CurrentIncreased sales with our Funding
Monthly Sales$100,000$220,000
Cost of Goods-$(70,000)-$(155,000)
Factoring Fees0-$(6,600)
GROSS PROFIT$30,000$58,400

How does this work? Currently, you make a sale, you bill your customer and you wait 30, 60 or sometimes even 90 days to get paid from your customer.  In the meantime, your cash is tied up until you get paid so you are unable to fulfill as many new sales as you want until you get paid.

With our funding, you can access up to 85% of your cash upon invoicing your customer and be able to fulfill more sales quicker.

In the example above, if you had access to $85,000 immediately upon billing your customer rather than waiting 30 days or more to get paid, you would have an additional $85,000 to spend on additional “cost of goods” which would allow you to more than double your sales month after month.  Even with our average fees, your profits would almost double.