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Why Accounts Receivable Financing? [intro]

Your business relies on cash flow to succeed. Small and mid-sized businesses need ongoing access to cash for payroll, materials, inventory, equipment, production, insurance, taxes- it’s the life blood of your operation. When your cash is tied up waiting for customers to pay, your ability to make new sales stops cold. Waiting 60 or 90 days to get the cash flowing into your business again can severely affect your ability to make a profit. Without working capital, your business goes nowhere.

Accounts receivable financing (sometimes called factoring) gives you immediate access to cash from the sales you’ve already made, so you can keep moving your business forward. You keep making sales, without taking on additional debt or giving up any ownership. And if you cannot qualify for bank financing, accounts receivable financing can be the difference between success and failure.

If you provide a product or service in virtually any industry and are making good sales, we can help you. Accounts receivable financing works well for most businesses, including manufacturers, distributors, fulfillment, trucking and logistics, staffing, janitorial, printing, technology, security, to name a few. Find out how we can help you!